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It’s a Thing: The Grey Silk Pillow Sleeve

Known as a sophisticated cool, neutral, and balanced color "Grey" was a natural must-have in our line of Pillow Sleeves. As we looked deeper at one of our favorite neutral colors, we love that the darker the shade of grey the more dramatic and mysterious, while the closer it gets to silver or white, the more illuminating and lively it becomes. We chose a shade of grey that we believe is the perfect balance of light and dark. Grey is solid and stable that has helped to truly define our brand and customers and has been our best-seller for over two years. We love hearing why our customers choose the Silked Pillow Sleeves. We've heard customers say this about The Grey Silked Pillow Sleeve: "It creates...

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Happy Traveler shares her trip to Joshua Tree on Instagram showcasing her grey Wanderlust Satin Traveler. Beauty-Bedding Travel Essential one size fits Standard, Queen, and King pillows and pillowcases to protect your skin and hair from toxic harsh elements of cotton and its effects!

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  Silked Travelers #2 | posted on Instagram, March 8th, 2018. Actress: Holly Lynch "I brought my @silkedcopillowcase w/ me to South Africa! ...if you don’t own a silk pillowcase you need to get one ASAP! I’m telling you it’s an awesome beauty secret!!! Not only are they amazing for your hair, they’re also incredible for your skin! Now that’s what you call beauty sleep! My friend's company @silkedco sells a variety of awesome styles & colors! So get yours today!"  Our team at Silked thanks you, Holly, for sharing with us! #bareisbeautiful About Holly Lynch: Founder & CEO of in Hollywood, California. For many years, Holly Lynch was known for her presence in front of the camera, modeling in campaigns for brands like Neutrogena, Guess, Apple, Forever 21...

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