It's Summer Be Bold Silked Travelers!

Energy goes where attention flows says Tony Robinson

Energy flows where attention goes!

Are you ready to reflect on your personal growth and give your summer energy a little vibrant glow? As the sun reached its highest point in the sky, on the Summer Solstice 2023, we have been immersed in a time of vibrant energy and potential. In June the Solstice is a time of the year that represents the natural flow of energy, consciousness, our sense of self and the things we surround ourselves with as we embrace these qualities.

We are so excited to roll out our 2023 line of Silk and Stain prints. We definitely took our time this year curating what we felt was that next level energy to match our 8 hour sleep cycle. First up in our 2023 Eco-Sustainable Satin line is Bella Blue.

Silked Paisley Pillowcase Trending Fashion 2023 Black Female Owned Made in USA #1 Voted

We were drawn to this print because she has a Sassy and Lovable energy to her. Being in tune with her reminded us that the Summer Solstice is a powerful time and Paisley the pattern symbolizes the tree of life, the seed palm, thus the birth of new things! 

Silked Paisley Pillowcase Trending Fashion 2023 Black Female Owned Phoenix Gonzalez | Made in USA #1 Voted

This Eco-Sustainable Paisley Satin Pillow Sleeve brings forth a BOLD vibe that is at the heart of Silked's 2023 identity. We are hoping that Bella Blue will bring about an awareness of growth for all the seeds you have planted this year that are now birthing Silked Sleeper. Enjoy your manifestations and embrace them with gratefulness and abundance.

Happy Summer you Sassy, Inspiring, Loving, Kind, Empowered, Delicate Sleeper!


Phoenix and Sandra!

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