Pillowcase Sleeve Made by Women! Made in USA! Vote #1 best seller

Silk and satin have many of the same restorative anti-aging benefits for skin and hair, personal preference is the deciding factor as to which one you choose to sleep on. Passed down generation after generation we hear many of our clients tell us that their mothers and grandmothers slept on silk or satin and have always told them they should too. 

What Makes The Pillow Sleeve Different from a Pillowcase?

  • Our pillow sleeve fits over standard, queen and king pillows, so there is no need to worry what size your pillow is, we have got you covered!
  • Our pillow sleeve fits over whatever existing pillowcase that you have on your pillow.
  • It has an anti-slip jersey rayon back so your pillow sleeve doesn't slip off while you sleeping! 
  • Smart travel ready item; You no longer have to be subjected to the harsh elements of detergents, bacteria, and germs that are trapped in pillows at hotels, Air-BnB, vacation rentals, airplanes, cruise lines, bed and breakfasts and more. 

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