Did you know that the fabric we love Cotton, is sucking the life out of your hair and skin while you sleep?

OMG say it ain't so! 

So NO to Cotton

Yes, think about it, cotton is an absorbent fiber, which means that it's absorbing moisture while you're sleeping on it. Sorry to tell you but a rough cotton pillowcase not only causes fine lines and wrinkles, but it can cause hair breakagecauses your curls to be tangled and drier as well as leaves our hair damaged and thin. 

Here are some reasons not to sleep on cotton pillowcases? 

  • Soaks up dirt and oil from your skin
  • Cause breakouts on back and shoulders
  • Smothers your hair
  • Promotes hair breakage
  • Promotes hair thinning
  • Promotes eyelash and eyebrow breakage
  • Created premature fine line and wrinkles
  • Absorbs night sweats leaving pillow wet 
  • Effect the collagen in our skin which affects its elasticity 
  • Holds bacteria and dead skin cells 
  • Dehydrates skin and hair
  • Collects dust mites, mold, and fungus in addition to many other allergens that get trapped between the cotton threads
  • Dermatologists can tell which side of your face you sleep on because of these creases.


Note to Self: Take your Silked pillow sleeve with you when you travel, because it keeps your blowouts, and saves your skin from the harsh elements!

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