Silked Care Label


Curious about how to care for your Silked Pillow Sleeve? Follow these steps:
1. Wash in cold water on delicate cycle
2. Lay flat to dry (delicate or air dry, in dryer, is acceptable)
3. Iron on Low Heat (Not required)
4. Dry cleaning is recommended
Silk is a delicate material with fine threads. Therefore, it is best to wash your new silk pillow sleeve on "Delicate" or "Hand Wash" setting on your washing machine. It is best to wash silk pillowcases and bedding separately from your other laundry items or use a mesh laundry bag when you machine wash silk.
We have been wear and wash testing our pillow sleeves for 2 years and here is what we have found. We wash ours every 2 weeks, on the cold cycle with light colors (we have heard from customers that some have used a mesh laundry bag) and dry it on delicate, and it comes out beautifully! 
We know laundry is a personal thing, so when we buy new things that need to be cared for, the instructions play a part in our buying decisions of what comes home with us and what stays in the store, and we get that!
You sleep...Silked does the work!

Happy Washing!