Silked Care Label


Curious about how to care for your Silked Pillow Sleeve?
Follow these steps:
  • Wash in cold water on delicate cycle
  • Lay flat to dry (delicate or air dry, in dryer, is acceptable)
  • Iron on Low Heat (Not required)
  • Dry cleaning is recommended
We founders have been wash testing our pillow sleeves for 3 years and here is what we have found;
  • We wash ours every 2 weeks, on the cold cycle with light colors and dry it on delicate, and it comes out beautifully! 
We know laundry is a personal thing, so when we buy new things that need to be cared for, the instructions play a part in our buying decisions of what comes home with us and what stays in the store, and we get that.
Happy Washing,
Sandra & Phoenix

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