Silked Founder's Sandra McCurdy and Phoenix Gonzalez 

Silked was founded in Los Angeles, Calif., by Phoenix Gonzalez and Sandra McCurdy. Our company’s innovative beauty sleep products launched Christmas of 2017. Driven by a desire to share a more environmentally responsible, innovative, and travel-friendly pillow sleeve that would offer a convenient and versatile way to boost beauty sleep. Over the past few years, Silked has refined and enhanced our very own open-ended, eco-conscious pillow sleeve design for all skin and hair types in satin or mulberry silk with vibrant patterns and classic tones.

Continuing with our tradition of offering naturals ways to preserve our skin and hair Silked also launched Silk Eye Masks, Face Masks and Hair Scrunchies helping our customers boost their beauty day and night! 

You sleep! You run errands!

Silked does the work!

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