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Labor of Love Series: Tonya Esparza

We’re so excited to continue this inspiring series of honoring women and their amazing accomplishments. In Our Series of Honors, Silked posed the question, which SILKED letter best describes you? Sassy, Independent, Loving, Kind, Empowered, or Determined? MEET TONYA ESPARZA WHO CHOSE LOVING AND KIND!    Tonya is a Californian and lover of all things beautiful. Her passion for food, fashion, decor and healthy living have been some of her keys to living a happy and successful family and personal life. To keep up to date with Tonya's flare for all things fashionable visit her instagram page @makingmomeasy ​Our team at silked caught up with Tonya and got a chance to ask her a few inspiring questions: 1. FAVORITE SELF-CARE TIP?...

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Happy Silked Traveler takes her paisley silk pillow sleeve with her to Kabul City, Afghanistan to protect her hair and skin from the dry harsh elements. Never leave home without your ultimate travel essential which helps with anti-aging, promotes up to 30% air flow while you sleep, prevents dry skin and hair and so much more. Boost Your Beauty Sleep!

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