Fall 2022 Flower Power Trends

Happy Fall Equinox!

We just launched our new FAE FLOWER Eco-sustainable pillowcase sleeve, so we wanted to explore more of the printed color trends in 2022.

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In response to the eye-grabbing, in-your-face trends we’ve seen over the past few years it was our thought that for Fall 2022 we needed something classic, simple and chic in our lives. This Fall we’ve opted for a slightly toned-down, print that feels softer and gentler than the bolder, louder prints and colors that dominated earlier this year.

When we picked this print we had seen that one of the trends projected to take the spotlight in 2022 was floral hues in toned-down, desaturated color palettes. It is said that the muted colors of a flower bouquets give the flowers a dried-out, yellowed look and by opting for these kinds of palettes, home designers are able to bring together floral patterns that feel earthy, comfortably, and worn in. 

When designing our sleeping space we should not mistake simpler color trends for boring—as you’ll see, in the world of DIY home decor online many are modern and creative takes on color trends that revitalize and recontextualize them for today. By toning down the colors for Fall our FAE Floral Pillowcase Sleeve design adds an Asian vintage vibe that softens any bedroom.

Our founders wanted to share their take on the FAE FLOWER in their bedroom and while traveling!

FAE FLOWER Eco-Sustainable Silk Pillowcase

Phoenix Gonzalez | Florida Living Fall 2022

2022 Home Decor Trends with Silk Pillowcases Eco-sustainable

Sandra McCurdy | California Staycation Fall 2022


Eco-sustainable prints are one of the most fun ways for our founders to add their sense of style and fashion to the Silked brand. We hope you continue to enjoy the designer fabrics that our team sources locally here in the USA.

We thank you for continuing to shop small and remember when you do that, an actual person is doing a happy dance when your order is shipped out!

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Sandra and Phoenix

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