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Kimono Fashion - New Product Launch

We couldn't be more excited to add Kimono's to our line of products. It's been something we have been working on for a few years now and this year we decided to finally step into Lounge Wear. Our goal is to offers you the same level of versatility as the rest of our Silked Products! Meet our Peacock Inspired Kimonos! Whether you're looking for an understated daywear look or a loud colourful piece, there are so many chic takes on animal prints in 2023 and when you really think about it kimonos in generally are good throughout the whole year. It's the perfect piece of clothing to support our fashion style indoor and outdoors and can be worn anytime of year Spring, Summer, Fall and...

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  Silked Travelers #2 | posted on Instagram, March 8th, 2018. Actress: Holly Lynch "I brought my @silkedcopillowcase w/ me to South Africa! ...if you don’t own a silk pillowcase you need to get one ASAP! I’m telling you it’s an awesome beauty secret!!! Not only are they amazing for your hair, they’re also incredible for your skin! Now that’s what you call beauty sleep! My friend's company @silkedco sells a variety of awesome styles & colors! So get yours today!"  Our team at Silked thanks you, Holly, for sharing with us! #bareisbeautiful About Holly Lynch: Founder & CEO of in Hollywood, California. For many years, Holly Lynch was known for her presence in front of the camera, modeling in campaigns for brands like Neutrogena, Guess, Apple, Forever 21...

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