Top 3 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2022

We all know that loving Mom is an everyday thing, but we also want to make Mom feel extra special on Mother's Day! It has been said that a global shift takes place when large amounts of people celebrate things on the same day. So much so that one can notice a person’s quality of life in that moment significantly improved, producing a happier person. 

Mothers Day 2022 Silk Trends Daycation

TOP 3 ideas to bring joy to Mom this Mother's Day, 2022:

1. Sign up for an intro class of some sort like Pilates, Pottery, Painting for example. It is said that taking classes inspire new thoughts and ideas in us that leads to easy life improvements. 

2. Buy a "Daycation" pass to a fun Hotel near by where you can relax pool side while you drink Mimosas and nibble on some Yummy Treats. Doing relaxing things can decrease stress markers and increase endorphins.

3. Take a Mini 3 day Vacay because three-day weekends are more than just a fun break, they're good for your health. According to Vacasa’s Spring Travel 2022 report, 53% of consumers are thinking about taking a Long weekend for Mother’s Day.

Mothers Gift Ideas 2022 Silk

Of course all three of these Ideas go nicely with our Silked Accessories for classes or poolside and our Pillowcase Sleeves for Travel!

Remember "Amazing Women, Make Amazing Moms". Try out one of these Mother's Day activities, it's bound to be a holiday she won't soon forget.

Wishing You Both A Self-Care Centered Mother's Day!


Sandra and Phoenix

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