Peacock Blue Travel/Home Decor Trends for 2022

When putting our 2022 collection together our team at Silked fell in love with Peacock Blue, which comes from the 2022 Harbor Blue Pantone family known for its serene shades of blue and green that draw inspiration from nature. 


Silked is so excited to welcome PEACOCK BLUE a gorgeous, rich jewel tone

The biggest color trends of 2022 are rooted in optimism, warmth, growth and excitement. predicted that shades derived from the Harbor Blue (a dark blue-green) family like Peacock Blue are dramatic colors that will resonate with many in 2022. Peacock offers a dramatic yet cozy pop of color to your bedding that is naturally peaceful calming color known to help reduce stress and soothe our nervous system. 


Peacock Blue 2022 Harbor Blue Pantone Family Silked Bedding Home Decor Trends 2022 Silk Pillowcase 100% Silk Made in USA

At Silked it is our mission to not only deliver all natural beauty products for night and day, we also believe that colors play a big part in how we feel which is why we are very strategic with the Solid colors we roll out in our collection. After years of muted tones we are excited to bring such a dramatic yet calming colors to the collection in 2022 for HOME/TRAVEL and we hope you enjoy!


Sandra and Phoenix

The Pillow Sleeve: Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and help support our immune systems while we sleep. Great for at home with the added benefit that its perfect for travel as well. You’ll never have to wonder what size your “Hotel Pillow” is ever, ever again because our Pillow Sleeve is self-care on the go!

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