Vacationing with Silked!

Who's ready to travel? Whether you're planning a stay-cation or you're getting set to travel internationally, make sure you're planning on packing your Silked Pillow Sleeve.

Our community of Silked Sleepers has voted our beauty bedding product as their go-to Travel Essential to protect skin and hair from the harsh elements while on the road. 

With the long weekend coming up and summer around the corner, it's that time again for summer vacations, weekend getaways, and stay-cations. Traveling is amazing for your spirit and a great way to relax, but these trips can take a toll on our skin and hair.

Here are some simple travel beauty essentials for your summer trips:

1. Sunscreen

Compare the skin on your hand to the skin on your tush and you'll see the damage done by the sun! Wear a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, preferably with zinc oxide. 

2. Moisturizer

We love a tinted moisturizer for daytime.  It's lightweight on the skin and helps your skin to cover minor imperfections. At night don't forget to bring your favorite moisturizer for face and body. We love coconut oil for cleaning skin and naturally moisturizing your skin. You can even put little coconut oil ant the ends of your hair! 

3. Concealer 

Late night on the town? If you want to look refreshed in the morning (don't we all?!) apply a light concealer one shade lighter than your skin underneath your eyes and over imperfections. 

4. Bronzer

Want that summer glow without getting too much sun? Fake it with bronzer. Lightly apply on the outer sides of your forehead and along your cheekbones for a fresh-faced and tanned glow. 

5. Lip Balm

We remember to wear sunscreen and moisturize for our body and face and neglect our lips. There are so many great lip balms with natural ingredients including peppermint, jojoba oil, beeswax and vitamin E. For daytime choose one with SPF 15 or higher.

6. Silked Pillow Sleeve!

It's time for bed and your skin is moisturized and glowing and your hair has just been blown out for the weekend. A Silked Pillow Sleeve helps retain the moisture in your hair and skin so that your favorite beauty products can really do their job. There's no point in spending all that time and money on your beauty regimen if your cotton pillowcase is soaking up all that moisture!

Safe Travels and Happy Memorial Day!



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