Sleek Snakeskin Chic Home Decor Trends

For a more muted decorating trend in 2022 we thought we would bringing in those muted nature colors for the of May. We are tripping over ourselves with this Exclusive and Limited eco-sustainable designer end of fabric.

Meet Our Sleek Snakeskin Chic Silked Pillowcase Sleeve Print!

Silk Pillowcase Sleeve Snakeskin home decor 2022
Snakeskin is definitely sizzling in both the fashion and home décor industries making the most of Chinese astrology’s Year of the Snake. The versatile animal print is gracing everything from bangles to bedding! Why is this pattern gaining popularity? It is primitive and natural and luxurious-all at the same time. Snakeskin’s geometric regularity brings order to any home design scheme. In a neutral room, the material offers lively texture. Similar to our favorite leopard print, the motif seduces in any color or scale, from realistic to abstract. And to a traditional scene, the serpent introduces a wild, edgy element that draws the eye and heightens the senses! What we love most about this timeless classic print for bedding is it is a Sleek way of making our bedroom look Chic without it need for things getting too wild, if you're into more subtle pops of color and prints. Here are a few bedroom inspiration we love.
Snakeskin home decor trends bedroom silk pillowcase
Fun fact if your in to Chinese Astrology the snake is the sixth of the twelve-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Snake is associated with the Earthly Branch symbol 巳. According to one legend, there is a reason for the order of the animals in the cycle. Wikipedia
Energy: Yin
Element: Fire


Silked Chinese New Year 2022 Year of the Snake Designer Silk Printed Pillowcase Snakeskin Serpentine Made in the USA


Truly there is no excuse not to indulge in the scintillating snake. Take a cue from a family favorite, Bed Bath and Beyond, and their elegant Sexy Snakeskin Table Lamp or check out Pinterest 2022 Snakeskin trends for more inspiration and have fun incorporating this print into your home and fashion!


As usual when it comes to our Exclusive and Limited prints we are so excited to launch such a Sleek inspiring eco-sustainable print in our 2022 HOME/TRAVEL collection and we hope you enjoy!


Sandra and Phoenix

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