Silk “The Miracle Fabric”: Why we’re proud of it and why you will be too!


The New York Post (NYP) recently released information regarding a study on silk and why with a respirator, it’s a better choice for a face mask to protect from Covid-19 and other respiratory viruses.    

At Silked, we’ve always known the benefits of natural silk charmeuse fabric for your skin and hair to get a peaceful night of beauty rest, but like proud parents- we’re happy to learn more about why silk is so important now to the health of our nation beyond beauty sleep. 
Below, we’ve gathered a list of silk’s health properties as stated by the NYP and what Silked  can continue to do to improve your health 24/7. 

1. Silk masks are better than cotton

Silk whisks away moisture that may be coming from respiratory droplets and dries faster compared to cotton, which is more absorbent. This means the virus is less likely to stick to your silk mask. With safety, quality and comfort in mind- we already have you covered with Silked’s washable and reusable face masks made to hold an N95 filter.

 2. Silk has natural antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties

When used with respirators, silk was just as effective as a surgical mask (Plos One). With shortages in masks and PPE for healthcare professionals- this is good news for everyday citizens who are looking for the same protection without compromising our healthcare workers. 

3. Silk has copper in it

Silk moths eat mulberries and make natural copper deposits from their diet into the silk, which has been proven to kill germs within hours. Copper disrupts bacterial cell membranes, creates a chemical reaction similar to hydrogen peroxide against germs and interrupts protein that keeps the bacteria alive (Insider). 

 4. Filtration improves with more Silk layers

Silk is more breathable than other fabrics, yet layering them offers better filtration from airborne droplets, minimizes absorption and repels better- improving functionality with every layer. 

5. Silk is healthier for your skin

Silk is more comfortable on your skin. Its smooth touch prevents friction which can cause tugging on your skin and wrinkles. Because it's less absorbent than cotton and other fabrics, it leaves your skin's oil undisturbed and hydrated resulting in less dryness and fewer breakouts unlike other masks. 

The takeaways here are the importance of staying healthy during the pandemic. However, we believe in overall health and comfort, and with this new research we are excited to continue to improve your health in more ways than one.

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