Mother's Day Insights and Gift Ideas

Ok let's be real Mother’s Day was not always about flowers, greeting cards, and brunch plans. Mother’s Day, or holiday meant to honor our moms, and is celebrated in more than 100 countries around the world. In the U.S., we celebrate Mother's on the second Sunday in May. In other countries, including many in Eastern Europe, Mother's day is a holiday that celebrates their family matriarchs on International Women’s Day, March 8, while in many Arab nations they celebrate it on the day of Spring Equinox, March 21.

This year our team thought this year it might be interesting to share some insights on Mother's Day trends and stats along with showcasing some of our favorite Mother's Day Gift Ideas! Let's start with a look at some information about the history of the holiday as well as some insights into how popular the day is around the world.

Key Insights:

  • The first official Mother’s Day took place 108 years ago when Woodrow Wilson made it a holiday.
  • There are an estimated 2.2 billion mothers around the world right now, and Mother’s Day is celebrated in more than 100 countries.
  • More than 84% of Americans said they would celebrate Mother’s Day in some way this year.
  • 46% of Americans value finding a gift that’s unique.
  • 93% of Moms in the U.S. reported feeling burnt out at least some of the time

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Trending Gift Ideas: 

  • Home Decor with Beauty Benefits! Bye-bye skin creases, face lines and hair frizz! Meet our new Jacquard and Satin "Throw Pillow Covers" that protect Mom's skin and hair while she is lounging on the couch day and night. 
Silked Throw Pillow Covers with Beauty benefits
  • Light blocking "Summer Sunset Printed Eye Masks" Rated FIVE STAR by Silked Sleepers, "Really nice eye mask, beautiful and high quality. Definitely recommend!".
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Wishing you all a Mother's Day to remember, even if your lounging on the couch!


Lots of Love,
Sandra and Phoenix

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