It’s a Thing: The Grey Silk Pillow Sleeve

Known as a sophisticated cool, neutral, and balanced color "Grey" was a natural must-have in our line of Pillow Sleeves.

As we looked deeper at one of our favorite neutral colors, we love that the darker the shade of grey the more dramatic and mysterious, while the closer it gets to silver or white, the more illuminating and lively it becomes. We chose a shade of grey that we believe is the perfect balance of light and dark.

Grey is solid and stable that has helped to truly define our brand and customers and has been our best-seller for over two years. We love hearing why our customers choose the Silked Pillow Sleeves. We've heard customers say this about The Grey Silked Pillow Sleeve:

"It creates a sense of calm and composure."

"A relief from a chaotic world."

" Soft and pretty...the grey fits beautifully into my decor!"

The Grey Silked Pillow Sleeves Birth:

In May of 2018 during our production prep call to discuss fabrics, colors, and patterns for our very first full production run, we were left with a question. Grey or no grey?

When building a brand it’s about iteration and we knew that we needed to focus on solids, but what we hadn’t learned yet was which colors were going to work. Playing it safe we decided to test the market and offer a Grey Satin Pillow Sleeve to start so we could see how it resonated with customers. 2 yrs later Grey is our #1 BESTSELLER, with over 75% of the 12,000 units sold being this sophisticated and neural color!

It’s a Thing: The Grey Silk Pillow Sleeve Vote #1 Best Seller Made in USA Female Owned Silk Pillowcase

Thank you to all of you who are enjoying your Grey Silked Pillow Sleeves!


Sandra and Phoenix

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