Silked Wanderlust Satin Travel Grey Instagram Winner

Silked Travelers #5 | posted an Instagram Story, October 8th, 2018. Photographer/Product Curator: Silvana Di Franco

Delivered as a beautiful Instagram story our silked team woke up to this awesome statement of art, no word, just vision.

It always amazes us to see silked through the eyes of our travelers!

Thank you, Silvana, we celebrate you and congratulations on being October's Wanderlust Satin Traveler Winner!


About Silvana Di Franco: A Bead Maker/Curator at Brass Elephant Collective along with a successful SF Bay Area, Wedding Photographer based in Marin County specializing in fine art and film photography. Stay true to yourself. Make art out of ALL aspects of your life and business!!


Joshua Tree Wanderlust Satin Pillow Sleeve Traveler by Silked

Joshua Tree Art Silked Satin Pillow Sleeve Traveler
Joshua Tree Sound Bath Silked Pillow Sleeve

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