Bold Paisley Home Decor Trends 2022

This time of year, florals and stripes typically rule so we decided to shake things up a little this spring with a seriously BOLD POP of PAISLEY!

The term “paisley” itself refers to a curved teardrop motif originating millennia ago near present-day Iran and the Kashmiri region and is said to represent many forms of nature including flowers or uncurling palm shoots.

Today paisley patterns remain prominent in home decor like bedding textiles and carpets in blends of shades that can be an opulent and refined nod to paisley’s extended history or a colorful and psychedelic homage to an iconic popularity it enjoyed in the late 1960s. Fun fact about paisley is it became an icon for psychedelic style when the Beatles took up with Marharishi Mahesh Yogi and Indian culture became groovy.  Its popularity resurfaced when Prince dubbed his 1985 hit single, Paisley Park, then picked a paisley print for the record cover.

When we first launched Silked back in 2017 our very first eco-print was paisley which was a huge hit for HOME and TRAVEL so our team decided this year paisley was a must! We went out in search of the perfect designer ends of fabric and when saw this amazing eco-sustainable designer print we both agreed this is fun way to spruce up your 2022 bedding decor. 

Here are a few ways we would add this bold rich red and blue paisley print to our bedrooms:

Silked Eco-Sustainable Designer Printed Silk Pillowcase Made in USA

Remember there is no right or wrong way to create your space, but we think a mix of your hobbies and interests make for a fun and personalized arrangement of prints, and colors hue. So have fun with your spring inspiration and wake up inspired by what you create! 

As usual when it comes to our Exclusive and Limited prints we are so excited to launch such a BOLD inspiring eco-sustainable print in our 2022 HOME/TRAVEL collection and we hope you enjoy!


Sandra and Phoenix

The Pillow Sleeve: Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and help support our immune systems while we sleep. Great for at home with the added benefit that its perfect for travel as well. You’ll never have to wonder what size your “Hotel Pillow” is ever, ever again because our Pillow Sleeve is self-care on the go!

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