Black and White Home-Travel Decor Trends In 2022

At Silked we have always been a big fan of Black and White! Classic but fun, we definitely give two thumbs up to this sleek color combo for home and for hotel travel.

If you’re a fan of a monochrome palette, this trend is for you, as contrasting black and white creates a glamorous feel to this contemporary look. 

The added benefits of our NEW Black and White Eco-sustainable Print:

1. Your Hotel Travel Bestie: Our BOLD Black and White Geo-Print is one that you will definitely remember to take off your Pillow when you are packing up to leave! 

2. The Eco-Sustainability Factor: At Silked we believe in reducing our fabric footprint so we use Designer Ends of fabric for our Exclusive Limited Print Collections. This helps support the environment as we reduce this footprint because the modern day washing machine typically does not have a lint trap to basically capture the lint that would be going out in the liquid waste from our washing machine. And that is a problem because that appears to be the conduit towards this discharge of a very large number of fibers into the environment.”

Wether your at home or traveling our NEW Geo-Metric Silk Pillow Sleeve not only offers a restorative nights sleep, retaining our natural moisture, that can be lost when sleeping on cotton but it also adds that touch of luxurious glam to your night time sleep routine! 

Sweet Dreams Silked Sleeper! 

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