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Step Up is a National Nonprofit founded right here is LA 20 years ago. Their Mission is to propel girls living or going to school in under-resourced communities to fulfill their potential by empowering them to become confident, college-bound, career-focused, and ready to join the next generation of professional women. Their Vision that all girls should have the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Their Values is to provide a special place where we all propel the fulfillment of potential. Step Up takes pride in their core values from which they have developed the culture, the brand, and their impact strategies.

This past May 31st, Silked had the opportunity to give back when Step Up Women's Network called on us to support them at their 20th Annual Inspiration Awards. Silked's co-founder Phoenix Gonzalez has been a board member in LA for the last 3 yrs now and as a result, Silked decided it is time for us to Step Up.

Inspiration Awards At Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Silked Joins Step Up Inspiration Awards 2019 | Phoenix Gonzalez LA Board Member


In honor of Step Up, this month of June, Silked is offering 10% off for all Step Up Ladies to finally purchase their Silked Pillow Sleeve and in return for their purchase we will gift Step Up %15 of each purchase!

In Honor, Of Step Up

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IA Swag Bag Brought To You By Many Amazing Sponsors!

Silked Partners with Multiple Brands to Honor Step Up Women's Network at Inspiration Awards

When you get the call to be in service it's those moments in life that you have to ask yourself what kind of change do you want to see in your world. Over the last 2 years of building Silked, we have had the opportunity to have some really amazing women step in to peer mentor us like Suzanne Lerner of Micheal Stars and Jennifer Sauls of C'est Moi to name a few and we would like to say THANK YOU! Inspiration and mentoring are two important keys to success and we are so grateful to be empowered and have the opportunity to help empower others. Keep being beautiful inside and out.

Be the change you want to see in your world!

With Love


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