Top Bridal Party Gift Trends

Who doesn't appreciate a little innovation when planning a wedding?


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Wedding season is here! At Silked we recognize that there's no such thing as a universally perfect gift—it all depends on what kind of presents the recipient likes to receive. For the practical peeps in your crew, we've highlighted a few luxury cost effective gifts that will have your wedding party peeps talking about the awesomeness of their gifts for years to come. 

Innovative gift ideas:

1. Eye Mask (Unisex)

2. Pillowcase Sleeves (Unisex)

3. Headbands (For Her)

Everyone deserve to be pampered! Consider getting them one of these gifts listed above for pre-wedding pampering, or for after wedding relaxation. They will thank you for helping them get picture perfect, because silk reduces fine lines, wrinkles, bed head, dry frizzy hair and helps retain one’s natural moisture, helping them wake up refreshed and renewed!

Silk Eye Masks Bridal Party Gift Ideas Wedding Party Gifts 100% All Natural Silk

Gifts are a great way to show gratitude, and it shows that the bride really does appreciate and care for the bridal party. The people you choose for your bridal party are normally some of your closest friends and relatives, so it should be easy to want to thank them for all they’re doing for you!

Lastly, just remember that it’s more about the thoughtfulness of the gift than the price. Bridal party gifts are all about thanking your bridal party for the commitment they’re giving to you leading up to your big day. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen aren’t in your wedding party for the gifts, they are there because they love you and want to support you. A thoughtful gift will help show them how much you appreciate that support and that you are grateful they are sharing this experience with you. 

Wishing you the most fabulous wedding ever!


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