Silked Partners w/Actress, Director, Producer, and Entrepreneur Kim Fields

Silked is so excited to launch our Self Care Collection with our first ever Brand Ambassador, Actress, Director, Producer, and Entrepreneur Kim Fields, known for her iconic careerwhich includes roles in game-changing series, The Facts of Life, Living Single.


Kim Fields Actress, Director and Entreprenuer Silked 100% Silk Self Care Pillowcase, Eye Mask, Face Mask

Fields, is thrilled to partner with Silked as an expansion into the Beauty space, with her Luxe Health & Wellness Lifestyle Brand, Refresh By KF. Her  fresh, effervescent affection for affordable luxuries led her to the bold & fun Silked Brand.

"I'm optimistic about the future of healthy sleep and providing an affordable luxury that people need to feel and look effortlessly beautiful while they rest. I was sold at first sight of SILKED and absolutely can’t wait to curate many more bold colors & patterns across pillow sleeves and accessories for all those as enthused about the eco-friendly miracle fabric as I am!

Silked caught up with Kim to chat all things Silked self care:

Q: What attracted you to the Silked brand?

A: Initially, I just loved the product! Silk has always been something of a flex for me- haha, so when I found the brand online I was immediately attracted to the color and the prints of the fabric. I was also not expecting it to be so affordable. I always thought silk was a very expensive fabric, reserved for royalty but after further research, I realized there was so much I didn’t know.  Most recently we learned about the health properties of silk beyond aesthetic health, and I’m just amazed. This definitely feels like the beginning. The fact that Silked is owned by two female besties is just beyond a dream! I couldn’t be more proud to be backing an authentic brand with so much integrity.


Q: What can we expect from your partnership?

A: Right now, Silked and I collaborated on “Kim Fields’ Inaugural Silk Selfcare Trios” which include a Silk Pillow Sleeve, Silk Eye Mask, and Silk Face Mask. I’m all about loving yourself all the time whether you’re awake, asleep, inside or outside- doesn’t matter as long as you make yourself a priority. So the pillow sleeve and eye mask are meant to promote a more restful night of sleep, free of tugging and pulling, while the face mask is meant to protect you while you run your daily errands. Silk whisks away moisture and has natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties that make Silked masks just as effective as a surgical mask when used with an N95 filter. As for the future of our partnership, you’ll have to stay tuned but know there are more exciting things on the horizon.


Q: Your lifestyle brand really explores ideas about self-worth, self-care and purpose. How does Silked support your brand mission?

A: Silked is just the beginning of what it means to experience affordable luxury and caring for yourself. Everyone deserves to feel elevated. That’s why my team and I started RBKF because we wanted to spread joy and open up conversations about the human condition. We all need a little support in navigating this thing called life and the resources to learn and share are endless.


Q: What do you want people to know about RBKF & Silked?

A: Our partnership will bring awareness to silk’s many facets of beauty & health benefits. I want people to know that RBKF & Silked are strong; that there are honest, natural, authentic brands existing to make life better and empower people to live healthier, happier lives.


Q: Silked is inspired by 5 Characteristics: Sassy, Independent, Loving, Kind, Empowered, or Determined. Which do you resonate with most, and why?

A: At this moment, I would say empowered. When I give myself permission to elevate myself, I feel more powerful. When I level up my self-love, and self-luxe, I’m emboldened to move higher and stronger. I’ve come to realize that rest and sleep are not luxuries, but necessities for me to show up as my best me. Therefore, wrapping myself in a touch of luxury, as I embrace these necessities is alright with me!

Silked is so grateful to be working with Kim Fields and look forward to hearing your reviews!


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