Silked Inspiration on Mother's Day!

When we started Silked, the inspiration behind our silk prints were our amazing mothers!

As two mixed chicks, both raised by single mothers, we grew up in households that our moms were our idols and our inspiration. They protected their curly, kinky hair and made it manageable by wearing silk head scarves.  

Silked Pillow Sleeve Game Changer

If the 70s had to be summed up in just one accessory, it would be the silk head wrap. From the paisley-print pretties of the boho era to the sparkling turbans of the "Studio 54" disco scene, the 1970s were ruled by head scarves! The bold prints were often accompanied by statement earrings, smokey eye makeup, and brightly colored lips. The 70’s!  "Those were the days!"


This Mother's Day we would like to honor some of the amazing mothers who use Silked as a part of their daily beauty routines.

Silked Mother's Day | Silked Sleepers Ali Levine and Ali Hills


Ali Levine - Paisley Silked Pillow Sleeve Sleeper. As a New Mom, Wife, (Bravo’s Stripped) TV Personality, Fashion Expert/Celebrity Stylist, Influencer, Podcaster and Blogger, Ali takes the meaning of beauty to a whole other level!  


Silked Pillow Sleeve Sleeper Ali Levine Celebrity Stylist

Ali's thoughts on Silked - "I do not go a night without my Silked Pillow Sleeve. It's been a game changer for my Mom-life schedule, bye-bye bed head for real!"  Confidence is your best accessory.” 💖 - Ali Levine


Ali Hillis -  Off White Silked Pillow Sleeve Sleeper. As a mom, wife, actress, and animal activist, Ali places care and compassion on all aspects of her life!   


Ali Hillis Silked Pillow Sleeve Traveler

Ali's thoughts on Silked: "I don't go anywhere without my Silked Pillow Sleeve, I can SEE the difference in my hair and skin! It's my go-to gift for friends because I know they will love it!" 💖- Ali Hillis

 Off White Silked Pillow Case Sleeve Silk

You know how the saying goes "What was once old, is now new again!". The Silked Pillow Sleeve has become a game changer in all of our families and customer's lives.

This Mother's Day, gift the gift that keeps on giving!


Sandra and Phoenix

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