Shop Small Business This Holiday Season 2022

This holiday season our team at Silked is launching an UNDER $30.00 category of MADE IN USA products.

This has been an important project for our team as we watch consumer spending change and customers being more conscious of spending habits heading into the winter/holidays. We went back to the drawing board and looked at the trends we have seen with our customers for the last few years and asked ourselves how can we make a meaningful impact that gives our customers more of what they are looking for. The answer? Create a Made in USA line of Eco-Sustainable Designer Printed Limited Edition "Satin Pillowcase Sleeves" for the Holidays.

For the last year due to manufacturing changes and lack of fabric supply locally Silked had to put our Satin Pillowcase Sleeve line on hiatus. Knowing we had to bring it back at some point, the question was always when is the best time and can we find the best fabric locally to support it? This summer things opened up and we got a window of time to make the moves we needed to make this a reality!

This holiday season our team at Silked launches an UNDER $30.00 holiday gift category of MADE IN USA products


Our timing couldn't have been more perfect as recently we read an article by Retailer Wire's Tim Ryan who wrote that many big box retailers like "Walmart, Target, Macy’s and Kohl’s retailers stating that recently they are canceling some orders to better balance inventory levels, a replay of a strategy used at the start of the pandemic. One risk is not having enough inventory to meet demand. Many retailers and brands indicated they missed sales opportunities during the 2020 holiday season due to overly-lean inventories as demand recovered more quickly than expected."

We believe this is a HUGE opportunity Small Business across the country to find their customers looking for good deals on great products made with love and care this holiday season and refer these small business to friends and family. 

We recently read that ICSC released the results of its Small Business Consumer Survey that found that 94% of adults either shop, spend at or use the services of small businesses. Over half of consumers, 54%, are spending at small businesses at least once a week and 42% frequent establishments more now than before the pandemic.

They stated that “Small business owners are innovators and creators at their core, delivering the products and services we depend on and making our neighborhoods, towns, and cities more vibrant places to live and work,” said Tom McGee, President & CEO of ICSC. “Every purchase made at these businesses provides these owners with the opportunity to serve the community while also making a difference to local economies.”

We couldn't agree more as a recognized start up made in Los Angeles, CA. company we are well aware of the impact that working with our local manufacture and local fabric vendors is. When we started our company we had a dream of making a difference in our local community and that dream has become a reality over the last 5 years. Our team at Silked has had the opportunity to support our local economy with our little invention the Silk and or Satin Pillowcase Sleeves.

It is no small feet to be a Made in USA company, we are constantly bumping up against 2 key factors, staying cost effective against our competitors who are made overseas and in some cases with our Accessories having to go overseas because we cannot find manufactures in USA to make certain products at a competitive price.

With the rise of the “small business” minded customers over the last 2 years we at Silked are so grateful that we get to contribute to the empowerment of the people who buy and sell our products.

All of this to say SHOP SMALL we all rise by lifting each other up and every time we get an order from you we do a happy dance!

Stay Sassy, Inspired, Loving, Kind, Empowered and Dedicated!


Phoenix and Sandra

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