Labor Of Love Series: Rachel Parra DeLong

This Labor Day 2020 we would like to honor all the ladies around the world for their amazing accomplishments as we all continue to adapt to  work-life balance.
In Our Series of Honors, Silked posed the question which SILKED letter best describes you?
Sassy, Independent, Loving, Kind, Empowered, or Determined?

Meet Rachel Parra DeLong who chose Loving!

 Rachel Parra DeLong Skin Care Blogger Silked Face Mask Influencer


Rachel is a Colorado native and lover of all things Skincare. Her passion for all things skincare has led her down the path of uncovering some of the best quality products on the market. She has made it her job to educate women online about their skincare choice helping elevate their skincare regiments to the next level.

Our team at silked caught up with Rachel and got a chance to ask her a few inspiring questions that we want to share with:

1. Favorite self-care tip?

My skincare routine is my favorite self-care tip for sure. My favorite step would be any time I use a mask. Some recent favorites would be the Yerba Mate Facial by Youth to the People, Earth Tones by Asarai, the Watermelon Sleeping Mask by Glow Recipe, and The Elixir by Averr Aglow. 

2. Your biggest inspiration to date and why?

Wow there are many things that have inspired me, but the one that comes to mind is personal, my Husband. He is from Colombia South America, after we got married he has really worked hard to make it here in the States. Growing up somewhere completely different and actually being quite established there and leaving that all and starting over in a new country and being successful is really inspiring.

3. One piece of advice you would like to share with others?

It is always easy to have the mentality of the grass is green on the other side. My advice is it’s so important to be happy and content, and not discard the mundane moments. In the midst of our busy life and now recently stressful with all that going on in our world, pick up your phone and call your Mom, Dad, BFF, or Sibling just to say hi. Go out on a date or just take a moment to do something fun with your spouse or significant other. Play with your kids. Or just sit down in that comfortable spot you love with that cup of coffee in hand with a good book or nothing just a few minutes to reset before jumping into life.
Silked is so grateful that we continue to be lifted up by such an amazing tribe of women that support us and would like to thank Madison for taking the timeout to chat with us!

Stay Loving!

Sandra and Phoenix

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