Labor Of Love Series: Madison Rolley

This Labor Day 2020 we would like to honor all the ladies around the world for their amazing accomplishments as we all continue to adapt to work-life balance.
In Our Series of Honors, Silked posed the question of which SILKED letter best describes you:
Sassy, Independent, Loving, Kind, Empowered, or Determined?

Meet Madison Rolley who chose KIND!


Madison Rolley | Silked Face Masks Made by women in the USA 

Madison is a lover of Fashion, Travel, and Lifestyle. Born and raised in Arizona, Madison has always been drawn to what is beautiful and creative. She is a strong believer in community over competition and hopes that her digital content creates warmth and joy for those who view it!

​She loves capturing and composing images when she is not busy getting my degree in Management Information Systems at the University of Arizona, or impulse purchasing plane tickets. 

Our team at silked caught up with Madison and got a chance to ask her a few inspiring questions that we want to share with:

1. Favorite self-care tip?

Get outside at least once a day. While we are all staying home more these days/ working for home, I find it's incredibly important to go outside at least once a day. Usually, if I don't have errands to get me out and about, I like to take a walk around my neighborhood or go have some solo time at the beach. This helps me maintain a healthier work/life balance because I wake up and work from home in the morning, then I leave "the office" just to come back to my personal life after my outing. I have found it helps the days not blend together as much while working from home and just my overall sanity!

2. Your biggest inspiration to date and why?

My mom. I know it's cliche, but my mom has inspired me to become the person I am today. She is so driven and has grown what she thought would be her mom and pop candy shop into a major tourist destination in my hometown. She showed me that you can find success in a creative vision with perseverance and a positive mindset! 

3. One piece of advice you would like to share with others?

One piece of advice I would share is lean on the people that lift you up! There will be so many people to tell you no or who will try to bring you down. Don't waste your energy seeking their approval and surround yourself with people who will help you get where you need to go and cheer you on!
Silked is so grateful that we continue to be lifted up by such an amazing tribe of women that support us and would like to thank Madison for taking the timeout to chat with us!

Stay Kind!

Sandra and Phoenix

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