The Pillow Sleeve at Ritz Carlton Santiago Chile


Silked Travelers #1 | posted on Facebook, Jan 7th, 2018. Ent. CEO: Hollie Stenton

When one of our Silked Traveler posted on Facebook earlier this year we couldn't have been happier to hear her thoughts on travel and beauty care for her skin and hair.

"I never leave home without my @silkedco pillow sleeve! Keeps my skin fresh while traveling in these dry hotel rooms. And keeps me from looking as terrible as I should from all the holiday drinking! You seriously need this."

Our team at Silked thanks you, Hollie, for sharing with us!


About Hollie Stenson: Founder & CEO of WOOMIR global in Venice, California.

A Worldwide Offices Of Making It Right. Because there are enough worldwide offices focused on the other stuff. We charge ourselves to create ways for organizations to financially thrive while making social contributions to the world. Call it WOOMIR, call it crazy, call it whatever you want. We call it the right thing to do and we can all win.

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