4th Of July 2023 Meanings To Consider

A Declaration Of Independence

July 4th is the official kickoff party for Summer. We would like to take a moment between the vacays, bites of barbecue, parade floats, and fireworks to explore all that we are truly grateful for!

Our Take On The Historical Meaning:

If you look at what this days history represents we managed to create something extraordinary: the freest, most innovative, and prosperous place! A place that when we set our differences aside and work together towards the common good, with love and openness we can accomplish anything. We as a people are capable of amazing and inspiring things and the 4th of July is a time to give thanks for all that have come before us who paved the way for us!


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Our Take On The Deeper Meaning: 

On a deeper note July 4th, the day that the USA celebrates its birthday is also a time that the Sun meets with the highly mystical star, Sirius. Sirius is the planet of higher consciousness, freedom and technological advancements. Sirius is said to be a very special star and is known to bring blessings of abundance, fertility and a rebirth. With the celebrations of the Summer Solecistic, of our Nation, and Sirius and the Sun meeting it is said to also be a successful time for business, profits, fame and domestic harmony. It is also particularly favorable for endeavors with inventions that are out of the box or revolutionary in some way.


Success is what you make it

This 4th of July We Are Doing Things Differently:

1. INNOVATION: We are launching a NEW ECO-Sustainable Printed Sleeve TUSCAN TAN a mix of Abstract Luxury.


Our gorgeous new eco-sustainable print showcases Tan book binding lines with pops of Yellow placed subtlety throughout the fabric. It's a classic take on a very beautiful printed eco-sustainable designer end of fabric. By using sustainable fabrics, Silked reduces the impact our Pillow Sleeves have on the environment in 2 ways. One by minimizing the water and energy used to produce new fabrics and the other was is that Silk fabric is a renewable resource, that can biodegrade, and uses less water, chemicals, and energy than many other fibers. Sustainable fabrics can also replace other synthetic materials, such as polyester, which are non-biodegradable, contributing to global pollution.


2. DOMESTIC HARMONY: We are throwing a $8.00 of ALL SATIN PURCHASE for 4th of July #SHOPSMALL

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In numerology 8 represents balance in the materialistic and spiritual world which reflects what we shared above. The most important attribute of the number 8 lies in its shape. You can see in its symmetry that figure 8 is the symbol of cosmic balance and stability. Furthermore, the power and strength associated with the number 8 lie in its symbolism: the symbol of infinity. Hence, 8 is associated with a continuous flow of energy and power, be it related to money, material wealth, health, or wisdom.


It is also worth mentioning that many other countries celebrate their birthday or independence day in early July as well. These include-

  • Algeria- July 5
  • Argentina- July 9
  • Bahamas- July 10
  • Belarus- July 3
  • Canada- July 1
  • Malawi- July 6
  • Somalia- July 1
  • Venezuela- July 5
  • France- July 14

So, no matter where you live in the world, perhaps take a moment to tune into the amazing, high-vibing energy of this time of year.

Wishing you a Stupendous, Interconnected, Luminous, Kinetic, Exciting, Deserving 4th of July!

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